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    In order to complete the following projects in the aviation field:

  • RWLT Runway lighting and signalisation systems
  • NAVAIDS Air navigational aid systems
  • TERM Terminal buildings and accompanying electric and electronic system installations.

These projects include;

  • Runway lighting equipment for ADB s.a ( Belgium ) , AMERACE LTD ( Canada )
  • For Air Traffic control systems WILCOX ( America )
  • For Terminal building electric systems SOLARI di Udine S.A. ( Italy ) , EG&G ( America )

   For the projects in the aviation field, we have worked with a major American company, THALES Inc. (WILCOX Airsys ATM Inc.), who are specialised in the production of all the equipment, such as Very high frequency Omni Ranging (VOR), DGLS, DME, Instrument Landing System (ILS), etc. They are the world's leader in the supply of ground-based navigation equipment which are currently installed in many countries (e.g. hundreds of DMEs have been supplied to more than 80 countries, over 3500 DGLS have been installed in more than 120 countries).

SDG's sister company, NETKOM Uluslararasi Tic. Ltd. Sti. is the exclusive representative in Türkiye for Thales Inc. (Wilcox Airsys ATM Inc.) since 1995.

Very High Frequency Omni Ranging (VOR) Equipment

DME 5960 Equipment

GPS Landing System DGLS 2000 Equipment

Mark 10 Instrument Landing System

Mark 20A I/II/III Instrument Landing System

Wilcox Localizer Antenna