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    SDG, based in Istanbul with a branch office in Ankara, was established in 1990 with the major aim of providing Contracting Services in Electrical and Electronical Systems. The scope of the work areas that the company is primarily engaged with spans from infrastructural installations through single system applications to integrated systems.

    We have already established quite productive and stable working relationships with a portfolio of manufacturers abroad (mainly in Europe & in the U.S.) and home. We follow policies and procedures in selecting companies to work with not only on the basis of quality and price for a single project, but also on the basis of a long-lasting co-operation because of the likelihood, for some projects, of spanning into the future. Consecutively, we have come to see in time, with our experience in collaborating with many companies, that we have had an advantage in the quality and price competitiveness of the products & services we offer.

    At SDG, our efforts were predominantly focused, in the past, on providing a high standard of service through the development of strategic, tactical, and operational plans for our service operations. However, throughout the time as we have accomplished a number of projects, we also have been more actively involved in the production process (software development to start with), to be more responsive to the specific requirements of our customers and the changing needs or special circumstances when and where off-the-shelf solutions could fail or problems are encountered. Our intention is to be able to intervene in such situations faster and more efficiently.